Illuminatis specialises in intelligent, strategic services for the pharma industry, including:

Expert segmentation

• Carry out a range of analyses to explore different aspects of each expert

• Segment experts to enable clients to make more effective choices for their expert interactions

Digital solutions

• Sophisticated web-enabled directories for managing expert interactions. More about the One Tracker Expert Management System

• 3D animations

• E-learning platforms

• Web consultancy

• Data presentation tools

Medical expert

• Comprehensive and
reliable methodology based on systematic analysis of therapy area

• Practical validation process ensures the right experts are in the final lists

Market analysis

• Intensively interview a range of experts using senior research staff

• Analyse findings with respect to client needs

• Provide clients with an unbiased view of a market question

How do we work?

Rest assured, we know our stuff! We have extensive experience and success in expert mapping and subsequent outreach programmes. These include a variety of therapy areas, stakeholder groups and geographic areas.

I think our most challenging project was mapping the new NHS and condensing what the new organisations will mean to pharma. Not only was it intellectually challenging – assimilating a mountain of information in a few weeks – but practically challenging with organisations, structures and people changing on a daily basis. We feel we provided a major insight into the emerging new relationship between pharma and the NHS.”

Senior Researcher, Illuminatis